Welcome to the revamped site of MDE Development, LLC aka Swim or Die Software. Why did I create an alias for the company? Mainly because I was never really happy with MDE, not that it was bad but it just wasn’t right. So, how did I pick Swim or Die Software? It stems from one of my favorite sayings which is “be like the shark if stop swimming you die.” While not factually true in all cases (think nurse sharks) it is a good reminder that we always have to strive to keep being better and never except the status quo.  This is part of how this company is ran, we never except that what we produce is perfect, just hopefully better then the last project. Does that mean the previous project was bad? No, it doesn’t. It just means that with all things we slowly get better with practice.

Well enough navel gazing back to kicking ass for my clients.

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